SDI App does not run on all pcs

I have an app that runs fine on my development pc but does not run on target pc. Both are XP-SP2. The program was built using VC++ 2008. I linked as static without CRL or ATL. The gui portion works on both pcs, but on the target pc it will not send UDP packets over sockets. Any ideas of what to look at? I am not even sure what code to provide since no errors are being reported. I can provide some if when we narrow down the possibilities..
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mrjoltcolaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you don't need the "hp" (hostent) variable to do socket communication. All you need is the "addr" structure. Try commenting the 2nd line of code out, in your sample above. Since I cannot see the rest of your code, I cannot say more.
Describe where the 2 PCs are relative to each other and describe where they are trying to send data to. Are you sending to addresses by hostname or by IP address.

Without more info it is hard to say whether this may be firewall related, DNS related, or what.

Have you any debugging / error checking to verify the winsock calls are succeeding?

tholt1Author Commented:
The PCS are on a private lan, no firewall, sending by ip-address. The problem I have is that my target machine will not have visual studio loaded onto it. A different program that uses the UDP protocol does work on both machines. Since the GUI is working fine (CFormView and CDialog derived classes), it does not seem to be MFR/CLR/ATL related. Since I linked MFC statically and excluded CLR and ATL, it does not seem like I should need any type of runtime environment. Do I? As far as the winsock calls go, they work on my "development" pc.
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tholt1Author Commented:
I got it working, although I obviously need a better understanding of how socket creation works. I realized on the PC that worked, I had put some bogus entries into the "hosts" system file. I used the method gethostbyaddr to translate a ascii string ip-address to a convert to hostent. Is there a method that does not require me to modify the "hosts" system file? Any ideas?
// szTempSrvName = "" and is null termed
      addr = inet_addr((const char*)szTempSrvName);
      hp = gethostbyaddr((char*)&addr,4,AF_INET);

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Yes, don't use hostnames, just use IP addresses and there will be no requirement for accessing the hosts file.
The gethostbyaddr() does a reverse lookup. You don't need it for socket communications. Is there a reason you need reverse name lookup?

tholt1Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay, I was out of office last week. I do not need (nor want) to use hosts file. I was just following example in help. Is there an example that shows how to populate the sockaddr_in struct that does not use gethostbyaddr()?
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