Where is a good place to get tapes for backup drives?

I have a Quantum DLT VS160 Tape Drive.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
I've found this is a good reliable source for media ...
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:

There are 4 tapes there. They all say VS160/V4 Drives, that should work for me right? (I'm a little cautious on my first purchase of a new technology for me, I've never had to get these yet!)
LANm0nk3yConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want older tapes at a reasonable price -- ebay.

Heck I paid 10 DDS4 for 35 bucks.  That's a price of one tape.  As far as reliability -- that I can't say.
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danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
If these are right, should I get Quantum's tapes? What's the rules with these things? Get the brand to match the brand? Or perhaps there someone who is just better than everyone else?

Most tapes have lifetime warranty on them.  Quantum i know for sure that they do. Brand really does not matter that much, because there's practically only like 3 tape manufacturer.  They just slap their name on them (at least that's what i understood from a sales rep).

There are standards that these media must go through.  As long as you store them correctly, I don't think you have problems.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
While it's true there are only a few OEMs for the tapes, the manufacturers do have specific criteria the tapes must meet before they "slap their name on them".   Since the pricing is very close, I'd buy Quantum tape for your Quantum drive.
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!
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