Set MFC dialog focus?

If I have an MFC dialog and dynamically create controls on it e.g a tab control.  How do I set focus on the main parent dialog afterwards?
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lucky_jamesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use WM_NEXTDLGCTL message

check out:

alternatively, you can use CWnd::SetForegroundWindow() to move the dialog up in z-order

Wanting2LearnManAuthor Commented:
OK Thanks,

Can you tell me how to use this in my OnInitFunction??  InMy Oninit I create a tab control like so:
dlgTab1Dlg = new CTab1(this);
     dlgTab1Dlg->Create(IDD_TAB1_DIALOG, this);
     dlgTab1Dlg->SetWindowPos(NULL, rTab.left,, rTab.Width(), rTab.Height(), SWP_NOZORDER);

     dlgTab2Dlg = new CTab2(this);
     dlgTab2Dlg->Create(IDD_TAB2_DIALOG, this);
     dlgTab2Dlg->SetWindowPos(NULL, rTab.left,, rTab.Width(), rTab.Height(), SWP_NOZORDER);

anf after this I want focus to go to my main dialog.
is the tab control the part of your main dialog.
if not, fetch the handle to the main dialog window.
then use
PostMessage with required LParam and WParam:

for example, check out:

for details of message, check out:

Do let me know if you have any queries.

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