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One of my clients currently has a site that is rather large with many pages, links to pdfs and external links.

They are currently using a CMS called MySource Matrix. I am redeveloping the new site (no CMS) on a dedicated server. I do have access to the back end of the current CMS but this thing is impossible to extract anything meaningful from. I also have no root access or any access to the server itself. It's a complete mess.

So, my question is... Is there any way to extract or build a hierarchy of each and every page (in essence a site map) and also extract all linked PDFs (hopefully maintaining some form of link to the parent page)?

Is there any method or software package to perform such a task?

I am desperate. Please, any ideas at all.

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Like I stated. Metaproducts Offline Explorer Is an Exelent Data Extractor.

I have used it many times. Doing almost exactly what you need to to.
This app is not a cheap program as many are.
Best thing is they have a Free 30 trial. I believe it is Unrestricted.

I think you could use an utility or library to generate a sitemap.xml and parse it to extract pdf link

rgogginsAuthor Commented:
Thanks paololabe. Could you elaborate a little more on your suggestion?
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rgogginsAuthor Commented:
Offline Explorer Enterprise.

Will do all that and MORE.
rgogginsAuthor Commented:
Thank you selvol.

OEE is absolutely perfect for what I need.

Thanks again,
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