After SBS migration, Outlook prompts for old Exchange Server credentials

Hi all,

After a successful SBS 2003 - SBS 2008 migration, Outlook clients experience the following in this order:

1. Start Outlook
2. User is prompted for SBS2003 credentials.
3. Dismiss prompt.
4. Outlook status says "Need password"
5. Clicking on "Need password" then "Type Exchange Password and Connect" returns the prompt for SBS2003 credentials.
6. Dismiss prompt.
7. Outlook status becomes "Connected to Microsoft Exchange"

I've removed "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters\Src Root Domain Srv" which pointed to the SBS2003 servername, FILESERVER, but this hasn't helped.

So what's telling Outlook to look for the old SBS2003 box?

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nathanwcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I have a solution. Outlook 2007, which we're using everywhere, knows to look up, among other URLs, "" Though we don't have such an A Record, we did have an A Record for "*". Removing the "*" record forced the Autodiscover look up to silently fail. This doesn't explain from where the SBS 2008 server was pushing the request for the old server name, but at least Outlook's query is quashed.
Is this the same profile that was used originally to connect to the old Exchange server? If so, just create a new profile.
nathanwcAuthor Commented:
This happens with new profiles, even those created on new computers.
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was this ever solved ?
i'm experiencing the same problems
nathanwcAuthor Commented:
Nope :-(
The proper solution is to ensure that you have the right updates on Exchange 2007. Go to the microsoft website and download Exchange 2007 Rollup 10 Update. This update resolves this issue. To check what updates you are running go to control panel and programs and features. Then check ynder installed updates. You should see Rollup 6 installed. This has worked for me plenty of times.
Good Luck
nathanwcAuthor Commented:
I think you might be onto something. I haven't seen this problem for a while, and apparently WSUS pushed out Rollup 10 on 4/14. Good call!
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