opera upload/ download

is there a way  to limit opera's upload speed for a torrent
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IanThConnect With a Mentor Commented:
utorrent the one I use has a upload speed in the preference I used to have it set at 10kb but after the pirate bay trail :-( I seed at max lol
Not from within opera, but you can use the devices on your network to limit data of that type to/from that client (if your devices support such features).
what bittorrent client are you using as utorrent and others have a preference setting for that
shopjdAuthor Commented:
on windows xp
how can I limit the "devices on my network"
I really don't understand what you mean.  
I assume we're still talking bandwidth here.  In that case we're talking traffic shaping.  XP does has a QoS client that could be used to prioritize traffic, is that what you mean?
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