Create PDF form and send by email

i want to create PDF form, i want the user to fill the form and send by email when clicking the submit button in the form.

any tutorial on this subject?
also, i am asking when i specify my email as recipient, will the pdf send it directly or the user must use outlook to attach it to the email?

i use Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and Creative CS3

Thanks in advance
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BitBurnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are two videos with no audio i trew together to quickly show you how I did this with the demo and collecting my form info.
Hi, Madkhali

From Acrobat 8 professional and later versions, if you click on the Advanced menu and choose Enable Usage Rights in Acrobat Reader, people filling out your form with Acrobat Reader will be able to save their form data and email it back to you.

To send the form to group of recipients via email, just choose Distribute Form from the Form menu. A Microsoft Outlook address book can be used to generate a mailing list or you can just type or paste in a list of recipients.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your question
MadkhaliAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help

i did what you told, but nothing

i attached my form, it contains Name, Email and send
please cheack it and see what is wrong

what i did is:
  1. created the form
  2. i set the sending method to complete document
  3. close the Form Editing mode
  4. go to Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader
  5. open the Adobe Reader
  6. fill the form
  7. send the form
  8. error eapears :(, there is no comments the error window
Thanks in advance

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MadkhaliAuthor Commented:
any help please
It looks like the issue you are having is that you linked your send button incorrectly. make sure it is a 'mailto:' and not just a direct link. right now it is trying to go to " "

the following is a step-by-step to accomplish what you are trying to do.

here's another walk through for you to use.

MadkhaliAuthor Commented:
rfcampos :)
Thanks for your help

i followed the pdf you provided, and i get this results:
  1. if choose Desktop Email Application, the outlook will open and send it from there, it works. but i recieve it as fdf, what is this kind of file type?
  2. if i choose Internet Email, it gave me the ability to save it and send it manuly.
also i followd the tutorial the second method, and when i test this appears:

Check Names:
Microsoft Office Outlook does not recognize "null"

one more question:
is there any way to send the PDF through itself so the user does not need any other program such as Outlook?

Thanks again
Did you copy and paste the javascript exactly? i tried it and it worked on my end. make sure your 'Name' field is a required field so they can't try to send the information without it.

below is a link to the FDF file extension.

using the methods i showed you, you would need an email program. have you thought about just using js and/or php scripts for emailing results?
MadkhaliAuthor Commented:
yes i did
i used the same code

i think it depends on the mail app the user use, right?

yes, in the case of doing it with these methods in a PDF, it would depend on what mail application the user is using.
The new version of Acrobat Pro (9) (the demo can even do this) has a form creation feature and it has a wizard to help you set it all up and you don't have to do any of what people are asking above. I did what you are wanting to do in 5min last week with the wizard. But better yet, the new version has a free website provided by adobe for the collection of data so the user doesn't have to use their own email client. My experience is that people get freaked out when something says "A program is trying to send mail on your behalf".

Also don't know whats in your form or the reason for using a PDF form but google offers a free form for data collection that goes right into google spreadsheet...why not just put a hyperlink in your PDF to an online form? Also survey monkey is cheap online form collection service.

Hope this helps
MadkhaliAuthor Commented:
BitBurner :)
thanks for your help

first of all, the form i am going to do is simple, just filling name, age, job, comments, and so on, simple form, right?

ok, i am trying to upload this form to website, and the user download it, fill it, and send.

what i am looking is to let the user send it directly from acrobat reader. please, please :)
if there is a way as you said the user can submit so you will get the submitted forms in your inbox or

can you send a sample or step by step

thanks so much for your time
Thanks for the info, too! ;)
MadkhaliAuthor Commented:
Perfect :)
this what i am looking about

Thanks a lot
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