Arcserve 11.5 update get client agent for windows license failure after install service packs

Hi Experts,

I got this error after update sp3 of arcserve 11.5,
E12002             <315V> Client Agent for Windows  - License Failure. Please contact your account representative to obtain a new license.

i have valid license and the backup still run successfully.

anyone know how can i clear this error? i have tried to upgrade to sp4 but still got the same error.

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itprotocallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
thats more of cosmetic error (showing all 9's)
are you still getting the license failure error?

if yes, then your last option would be to contact licensing support at CA.
go to registry and look for 315V under

delete the key 315V and all its sub-keys

then go to C:\program files\ca\sharedcomponents\ca_lic\
run calicnse.exe and enter in your license key for 'client agent for windows'

restart arcserve services.

This is a Licensing error and I am sure, unless you have entered the license keys you cant get rid of it... Make sure that you have licensed the Client Agent for Windows on the server. If its a licensing issue, it triggers a CA_LIC error with Event Id 5000 on the Application log in Windows Event Viewer.

To license the Client agent for Windows, please run CALicnse located in c:\prog files\ca\shared components\ca_lic
Type in the license key and click on add to add it to the registry

Remember Service Packs are just an update to the existing version, so they would never resolve Licensing Issues..

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nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
hi, i tried the delete registry key and run calicnse.exe, there is something weird it shows me both agent for open files on windows and client agent for windows servers are both of 999999999 license count.

after i entered the license, now both updated to  1999999998, am i correct?
the value showing 9999.. and then 1999..98 is more of a cosmetic error.

as you were able to enter the lic for client agent, it should be ok now... are you still getting the error?
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
i got the same error after re-entering the license.... any other method i can try?
was this license entered on the Backup server or agent server?
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
license entered at agent server.
'Client agent for windows' license needs to be entered into Backup Server.

with 11.5 this holds true for any OS agents.

where as other agents like exchange, sql, open-file - license should be entered wherever the agent is installed.

use the help-about or calicnse.exe and enter the client agent license on the backup server... this should fix your issue.
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
i tried enter keys to both server agent and client agent but it all show up as i got so many licenses

999999999 license count at server side
1999999998 license count at client side

this is just so weird.  
nokypleaseAuthor Commented:
the problem still not fixed, but all backup service still runing good.

anyway, thanks for all of your help
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