Fingerprint logon from windows logon screen

I have a new work laptop with finger print ability.
This machine will NOT be connected to the domain so it can't talk to the domain very much at all. (It's a support machine at home)
I'd like to be able to power it up and use my fingerprint to logon using my cached credientials. (As it does if I logon entering my password on the logon screen)
The BIG problem seems to be in the HP ProtectTools Credential Manager, if I go into settings so I can tell it I want to use Credential Manager to logon it says "You do not have the required permissions to access this information. Please contact your systems administrator."
I am an administrator on the laptop in question, so it seems like a policy or reg key.
The reason why I want this is because this is a support machine used at home, and not actually needing domain verification (nor can it have it 80.% of the time it's powered up), but at 3am when I get called out and I need to logon to work to sort out a problem it's alot nicer and easier to swipe my finger if the option is there to logon and start the VPN session, from there I'm all secure.

I have an HP Compaq 6910p.

Any help is very much appriciated.

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qz8dswAuthor Commented:
Cracked it, no reg key hack needed or anything else.
It's a bug in the current version of the fingerprint software it would seem.

You have to logon as localadmin to be able to access that settings screen in Credential Manager, from there you can tell it to use the fingerprint for windows classic logon.

So, for me heres what I did in order. (rebooting as required obviously).

Use F10 (for this laptop) to go into BIOS and change the TPM Security setting to enabled.

Install the software from HP's site for your laptop, (about 200 meg download),
HP ProtectTools Security Suite is the big one your after.

Then use the software to setup a profile using your normal logon with fingerprints. (It's pretty much follow the prompts)
Then reset the localadmin password on your machine, (Click on start, then run and type in lusrmgr.msc and hit enter, go to users, right click on localadmin and select set password. Than chose one thats HARD for other people to guess. This is a password that obviously gives more access that a normal administrators account)

Logoff as your own username and logon as localadmin using the password you just set.
Go into HP ProtectTools Credential Manager (double click on the gold shield icon in your task bar, then in the left hand pane select credential manager, then My Identity, then the log on link right hand side. (DO NOT setup fingerprint for localadmin even though it has nice balloons prompting you to).
Click on settings.

In the general Tab (Which you should be in now) put a tick/check in Use Credential Manager with classic logon prompt. Reboot, and your done.

It should now allow you to swipe your finger print OR clikc on an icon to be able to enter your password.

Damned silly bug if you ask me, HP online support helped me as much as they could and they did ask the right questions, Just I don't think this bug was listed in their sheet or bugs and it's not too easy to find the work around to fix it.

In the Finger print software itself you will find the option of logging in with only your fingerprint option. Without the domain credentials.

So that you would not require your laptop to be in your domain. For this you have to make a fresh configuration profile in the laptop as a local admin.
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