Uninstall Symentec AntiVirus got fatel error.

Dear Expert,

When I tried to uninstall the antivirus program, it alram the "fatel error..." then automatically undo the reinstallation.
Anyone can help me? Thanks.
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Use the Norton Removal Tool


Download the one specific to your Antivirus version.
Please let me know your Symantec Antivirus version.
RickyyyAuthor Commented:
The version is 10. Thanks
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I am hoping that the Removal Tool will solve the problem. If the problem still remains, then goto:


This will open the temp folder where all installers and uninstallers will put their logs. Try to remove Symantec and see the freshly created log here for more information on the error. That will give us a clue.

I am assuming that you have administrative rights on this PC.
RickyyyAuthor Commented:
Yes, since the PC are not around me so I will try it later. Anyway thanks in advise.
RickyyyAuthor Commented:
Final found that there are got virus attack. That's why I couldn't remove it.
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