Web Browser fo choice for a Terminal Server environment

I just looked at it a bit and it seems that modern brwosers are real memory menace.

IE8, FF and Chrome all have about the same memory utilization, while Opera 9 uses about half of what they use.

Regarding that I need to run TS environment for a significan nuber of users on a powerful server which runs 32bit Windows, and therefore can use only 4GB of ram, -> which one is browser of choice?
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Point-In-CyberspaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The fastest way is to install a proxy server.
There are some free on the net.
http://www.handcraftedsoftware.org/ is just an axample.

You can limit internet use only to people using a thin client disabling it for other users, so you are limiting troubles.

FireFox beats out Opera, to me, because of the available extensions. I sounds to me like you won't be allowing those extensions, so I would use Opera or chrome, both of which are smaller than firefox.
mrmutAuthor Commented:
Yes, that is what I am thinking also, but there is a problem - while Chrome is the fastest browser, it also soaks up tremendous amount of memory.

Any way to get around that?
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Not that I am aware of. The other problem with Chrome is that it is in beta, which isn't always a good idea in a production environment.I'd probably stick with Opera, as the speed difference isn't that great, it is a more mature product, and has a smaller memory footprint.
Point-In-CyberspaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you REALLY nned to make the users browse the web on the terminal server ?

Usually i try to completely disable browsing from terminal servers due to high resource utilization and virus/malware/other risks.

Look if you can demand browsing to the client machine using the terminal only for the business needs.

If there are web apps you need to use through terminal server you can permit browsing only to the webapps sites.

In this case you have to check, as first, if web apps correctly runs on browsers different from IE and if are compatible with browsers in terminal environment.

In a business evironment i usually try to use Firefox or IE.

mrmutAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I get your point.

I don't want to enable people use internet on the TS, but I need to, as some will only have a Thin Client in front of them.

Is there a specific GPO I could use to allow only specific sites?
mrmutAuthor Commented:
Wow, great idea!

So, I do next:

let the people in the network with think clients use regular NAT internet, and set up a Reverse Terminal Server Machine based policy that will configure Thin Clients users' Explorer browser to point to this proxy server, where I define what can be accessed?
Point-In-CyberspaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In proxy server interface you'll find users list, blacklisted ot whitelisted sites, time period to permit browsing on speciic sites and so on.
Install it and try. It's the best way.

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