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 Currently our applications are written to handle IE 6 and will eventually go to IE 7.  I noticed that in IE 7 with  It seems that with the options to make it fullscreen and hide all the menus and toolbars, the minimal I can get it to go to is showing the title, the window buttons in the top right, the address bar(read only) and the status bar at the bottom.  In IE 6 we could make the browser window go completely fullscreen without any parts of the window showing.

  This is useful to us as there are certain parts of our applications which we use a full screen popup to show users a processing status message while their forms submit(which take a while) and also to keep them from hitting refresh on the page.

  I've read that IE 7 will not take away the address bar to keep sites from spoofing.  However, we still want to have the fullscreen look in IE 7.  I initially thought I could increase the size of the page and then position the title part of the browser negative height above the top of the screen but the documentation on the seems to say that a window cannot be opened and positioned above 0.

  Does anyone know of a way using JS  to accomplish this same thing in IE 7?
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Pawel WitkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Javascript DeveloperCommented:
You asking for hacking IE in way that could do some damage over web:) In fact there is no workaround for that - they did that in IE7 because it was annoying for common user in IE6 that went to page that do the same. I would rather encourage your user to use fullscreen mode by taping F11 instead of doing them for themself.  At now there is no know soltion for that, and probably wont be any.
TaplarAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I understand why they did it.  It's just that we have a valid business reason for it.  Not all our users are the most computer savy.  I would warrent that quite a number of them wouldn't know what F11 was.  But it isn't so much they can't get to fullscreen, but we want to restrict them from accessing the page while it is returning with the results from the form.  You might could say it's a training issue, but that's not my side of the building, :D.

I looked into the possibility of making an ActiveX object to issue a shell command to open iexplore in kiosk mode which would do the trick, however our applications are only Java and not .NET.  I also thought about writing an applet that might could possibly do the same thing, but I was informed that it's our policy to not use applets at all.  So we'll just have to see what happens, :).  If anyone knows of some way to accomplish this I still would be interested in knowing for options.
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