Why cant I watch youtube type videos, flash, etc... on my Blackberry Pearl???

Hey all! My Blackberry Pearl is barely 1 yr old, but i just realized i cant watch youtube or any other type videos, flash, from websites on it? I always get the "Device doesnt support" error code. I have unlimited data plan with Tmobile. Why cant i want videos...? Is there anything i can do to remedy this?
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, currently BlackBerry devices do not support flash content.


You can use the mobile version (non flash version) of youtube but on a limited plan you would quickly use up your data limit.  The mobile version can be found at http://m.youtube.com
Yancey LandrumConnect With a Mentor Technical Team LeadCommented:
For now, it's because bb doesn't support flash unless it has been encoded in the Plazmic format:


The Skyfire browser is supposed to be on the way, which will provide full flash support internally.


 In the meantime, try m.youtube.com; I'm watching a youtube video right now on my curve. I can't watch all videos but I can view some.
MisfitDevil99Author Commented:
Thanks guys! How sad is that though.... Is there any mobile phone reasonably priced that has this capability already?
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