Desktops virtualization (Microsoft or VMware?)

we had around 150 computers that I'm want to virtualization but not sure which product to purchase between Microsoft and VMware. So I need advise on couple questions
1. Microsoft and VMware, which one is better for easy to use and manage?
2. which one is more stable?
3. If I decide to go with Microsoft desktop virtualization, what are all the Microsoft products I    need to purchase? and estimate cost?
4.  If I decide to go with VMware  desktop virtualization, what are all the VMware  products I    need to purchase? and estimate cost?

I really appreciate for all your input

 Cost for VMware

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vmwarun - ArunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For desktop virtualization, VMware View is the way to go.

This should get you started -
I agree VMWare view is the product of choice secondly Xen Desktop is an up and comming product and ties in very well with XenApp (Citrix Metaframe)
From your message i see that you are not decided yet.

Depends on your applications used probably will be better to use Windows Server 2008 new RDP services which are capable to run applications centralised and transparent for user experience.
I implemented this kind of solution when i was facing increased logs on workstations caused by using a memory intensive reporting application.

The budget on this type of solution will be far lower thad VMWare View.

If you are still looking at virtualization solution then you should take in consideration also the hardware implied (especialy the storage server) in order to ghet benefits from distributing load over 2-3servers

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HOPE-ITAuthor Commented:
Hello arunraju,

do you know how much does it cost for vmware view to virtualize 150 computers?
how many servers do I need to virtualize 150 computers?
what type of server hardware do I need?

thanks again,
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I suggest that you make a checklist ready by noting down the following requirements.

1.The minimum hardware configuration of the physical desktop.
2.List of applications which the Desktops currently run
3.Minimum Hard Drive space required in each desktop.

Please update these in the thread
HOPE-ITAuthor Commented:
hi arunraju,

to answer your questions,

1. Pentium 4, 1.6 ghz, 1 gb memory
2. windows xp pro, office 2007, adobe.
3. 40 GB of hard disk space.

I actually want more memory on desktop like 1.5 GB of memory on each desktop and more CPU
Can I have 20 GB or 30 GB on hard disk space?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
I have personally not deployed VMware View in my environment.

But I advise that you read the VMware View Manager Administration Guide before jumping into any conclusions -

One suggestion which I would like to make is since you have updated that Office 2007 and Adobe are being used in your environment, VMware ThinApp might be of great use to you.

I am a great fan of ThinApp since it makes Software Deployment very easy and reduces the hassle of installing it multiple times.

This licensing guide should be more helpful in deciding the product -

I suggest that you should go in steps with your migration.
First you can use RDP for provisioning applications to clients (office 2007 for example) that will help you to spent money in build up one ore more servers and centralize the use of resources.
After that you can migrate to either way (Terminal Services or VMWare solution)

You can find details about this solution and licencing at the folowink link.

I implemanted this kind of solution for 120computers and is working very well.
HOPE-ITAuthor Commented:
Hello iondinescu,

thanks your help,
So how many terminal servers for 120 computers?
what type of server hardware do I need?
Most of our remote ocation using dsl (either comcast or at&t) thru vpn tunnel. If I have MS terminal server at HQ, do you think these remote location will work fine with dsl?

thanks again,
I use one xeon quad core with 16GB Ram for one reporting applicaton.
For your enviroment depend on you service suport level you can start with
2-3 Intel Q9650 each with 8GB of RAM
or you can buy an entry level xeon server which will suport 16GB memory or more.

The memory is the resource you need most, look for platforms that suport a large amount of memory.

vmwarun - ArunCommented:
Instead of using Terminal Services, I would suggest providing each user with a VM using VMware View.

If budget is a constraint, then I concur with ion's view since Terminal Services do have the option of Remote App.

I suggest that you have multiple servers (HP DL380 or Dell PE 2900 or 2950)

Another question is will all the 150 Computers have identical config ?
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