Internet Explorer tool bar bouncing

I have a windows XP SP3 desktop and the IE7 client will rapidly show then hide all of the tool bars if I click on the Favorites button
It causes the screen to bounce as the IE window increases and shrinks to accommodate the tool bars

This is a new desktop with a fresh load of the OS and supporting programs
AAO System UserVice President - ITAsked:
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AAO System UserConnect With a Mentor Vice President - ITAuthor Commented:
Removing the toolbar for an addon was solution.
The screen appeared to bounce because the tool bar kept opening and closing
carrjoe--Uninstall (Control Panel|Add/Remove) and reinstall IE7.  
AAO System UserVice President - ITAuthor Commented:
I was looking to resolve without reinstal, if no other comments are posted I will have to (or upgrade to IE8)
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