Red Hat Linux Administration Certification

Hello Experts,

I am planning to study and quickly get a RedHat Certification (RHEL 5). Are there any free online resources which could help me with the below topics:

1. Booting, Disks, Volumes, and Filesystems:
    Boot Loader
    Filesystems, Journaling, and Swap
    Logical Volumes
    System Recovery

2. General Upkeep:
    Init and Run Levels
    Log Rotation
    Users and Groups

3. Host Based Security:
    File and Directory Access
    Limiting Root Access
    Mandatory Access Controls

4. Networking:
    Access Control and Network Super-Server
    Directory Services using LDAP
    Firewall/Packet Filtering
    Network Configuration and Troubleshooting

5. Package Management:
    Kickstart Installations
    RPM Packaging
    Updating via Red Hat Network

6. Scripting:
    Command Scheduling
    Shell Scripting

7. Services:
    Apache Web Server
    Common UNIX Printing System
    Postfix Mail Transfer Agent
    Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent
    X Windows and GNOME Desktop

8. Software Management:
    Compilation and Installation
    Interpreting Error Messages

I haven't administered a Linux Box before, but have done basic root stuff with HP-UX and Solaris like setting a cron job, looking at processes, writing basic shell scripts to extract information from logs, installing new packages, etc. I surely wouldn't call myself a RedHat Linux Administrator yet.

I am planning to get an online certification from BrainBench by the way and am going to prepare for it by reading the online resources. I would appreciate all suggestions.
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random_ruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am assuming you are referring to RHCE:

Unfortunately, there is no really quick way of studying and passing the certification test. Unlike many other certification tests, this one is 100% hands on. Looking at the experience you posted with linux, I would suggest looking more at RHCT first.
As far as the free documentation, with your experience, I would suggest reading some .pdf files:
 - RHCE:
 - RHCT:
Also you may utilize the RapidShare search engines, and other sharing communities, for instance, (free registration) and look for the course information found on the Red Hat site.

Unfortunately there is no Question-Answer PDF, RHCT and  RHCE are very serious certification, so study hard. Good luck!
warturtleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply. I am actually referring to the RedHat Certification by BrainBench, its based at:

I have applied for a job recently, and this certification even though not officially from RedHat themselves might improve my chances. What do you think?

Once I get the job, then I can get the employer to sponsor the training towards official certification.
joolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it a recognised certificate like the RHCE or is it just something made up by this company?
If it does not give you a proper  certification then it may not be worth paying out the money...
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warturtleAuthor Commented:
its not as official as the RHCE but other certifications that I've done through them such as C++ and Java were quite challenging. Their certifications are recognised worldwide. I've had a technical test done for Bloomberg and it was through Previsor which has brought BrainBench before few years. Previsor is using BrainBench tests to test prospective employees for companies.

I am not paying any money because its free to take a test (for some subjects listed on the webste). If I pass the exam, then I get a pass on my public profile and if I would like a paper certificate then they charge 14.95 US dollars and 4.95 US dollars for a PDF certificate. But, I am planning to just get a pass on my public profile and can show a printout of that to companies to convince them of my skills.
warturtleAuthor Commented:
Ah, thanks for your reply, by the way.
joolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If its free then it's a no brainer.... go for it...

depending on how much you know hpux/solaris etc you may not have problems picking up on the linux stuff... it's all *nix really, there are differences in how it interacts with the hardware and some boot stuff but admin will be easy to pick up if you've past experience.

This site has good tips and tutorials;

This is a great resource;

There are loads of resources available on the net and some good hardcopy books about as well...

warturtleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links and the information, jools. I will keep this question open for 1 more day to allow more suggestions to come in and then close this post.
Monis MontherConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
Hi there , best thing to look at for RHCE is the deployment guide, it covers mor ethan what is in the offficial books

download the pdf

This is tip is from a RHCE instructor

Good Luck
warturtleAuthor Commented:
Hello small_student,

Thanks for the reply and the great information. I found the PDF is located at:

warturtleAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all of you guys for the help and information. I am closing this question now and will award points equally to all participants.
warturtleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the good advice. I might be back with some more Linux questions encountered during the learning process :)
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