Cisco router redundancy


We have a Cisco 2851 router that is configured as the voice gateway for the Cisco phone system.

a. Can I get another 2851 (another another router with the required hardware) and configure VRRP or HSRP? Will either of these protocols work for a PRI (not internet) router?

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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
Well, you can. It's just not what I would call an optimal approach.

You could create two different HSRP groups. Each group would have a different active router. Then assign half the hosts to the virtual router for one group and the remaining to the other group. That way, half of your users would take one circuit and the remaining user would take the other.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
netman70Author Commented: do I connect the (one) PRI I have from my phone provider to both routers to allow for failover? Can I even use GLBP or is it between HSRP and VRRP? Some more information would be helpful...
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:

No, you can't do that. I thought each router had it's own circuit.

You could have have the service provisioned into two separate fractional services with 12 timeslots going to each router.

But you can't terminate a PRI to two routers.

netman70Author Commented:
But if I have "two separate fractional services with 12 timeslots going to each router" - I cannot use HSRP or VRRP since they are active/passive technologies?
netman70Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...Thanks for your input!
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