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Hi  Experts,
   I work for a manufacturing company that uses Drafix 4, a CAD program designed for windows 95 but is still being used by 15 users to create layouts from custom libraries and heavy macro usage, so replacing with a current compatible software is not an option as AutoSketch (the new drafix - an Autodesk solution)  does not support the libraries and macros.  My problem is not that it doesnt work in XP but it hogs 100% of the CPU when the program is idle.  My question is, is there any software utility out there that will detect a 100% load CPU condition and stop it before the CPU temp gets out of control.  I have notified users to shut off the program when not in use but I have a handful of PC's that are overheating because of the load.  Any suggestions?
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pablovrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, you could use this other tool:

Security Task Manager:
First, I would suggest to look for the name of the process(es) which consume so much processor time. You can do it with this tool:

Process Explorer:

It gives you more detailed info than Task Manager.
dbedooAuthor Commented:
thanks for the tools they were helpful
the process  cad.exe  (in regular task manager) which is the drafix executable
It seems to be making a repetitive read for a windows state change.
It consumes 6.0 MB of memory and consumes the following CPU % when program is idle

quad core and it uses 25% cpu  
dual core 50%-100% cpu of one processor (PC was running 2GB + memory)    
and there are 10 celeron 3.06 GHZ  machines with 1 GB RAM  which instanly jump up to 100 % and stay pegged until there is some movement in the drafix  software or CPU overheats which ever comes first.  

Anything specific I should look at?>
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Are you running it in compatibility mode?

Run Older Programs on Windows XP:
Make sure you have the latest windows updates installed as well.
dbedooAuthor Commented:
Nice suggestion, didnt think of doing that....    Ran the compatibility wizard and set it up for windows 95 but unfortunately it still pegs the CPU
dbedooAuthor Commented:
I figured out a temporary fix...  if the user does a file open and leaves the dialog open the resources drop to 0%  so as long as they leave the file open dialog open when not using the program it doesnt eat up the resources.  But any other suggestions are welcome.
darrenmcwiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For what it's worth, I know it's not ideal, but you're not going to be able to run Drafix forever. At some point you'll have to update. The earlier the better in my opinion. If you need the macro/library  support, depending on what you need to do, you may be able to use AutoCAD LT or even AutoCAD to duplicate the functionality. A good consultant would help you find a good alternative as well as help you through the conversion process.  You may or may not get good advice or service from an Autodesk dealer depending on ho they are. Some dealers are only well suited to selling software, implemening it out of the box and training and aren't well versed in converting legacy systems or automating the conversion.
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