Install of Exchange 2007

Where is best to install Exchange 2007 program files: on the same volume (RAID 1) as the OS or on a sperate volume where the database (RAID 10) will reside.  In the past (Exchange 2003) I have installed the Exchange program on the same volume as the database with no problems, but would like to know what is optimal with EX 2007.

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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Optimal I would think is to install on the container with the OS and your keep you databases separate from each other and the os partition...
OS- Raid 1

Exchange Database -Raid 10

Transaction Logs -Raid 1
johnnymagsAuthor Commented:
For transaction logs is RAID 1 better then RAID 10 even though I can put the database and log files on two seperate RAID 10 volumes
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