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DNS Allias & Sharepoint AAM

Hi all,
         I seem to be driving my self crazy here. I have had this working once but cant get it playing ball again.

I have 3 sharepoint sites

1) server:1234
2) server:5678
3) server:9012

I want the following to link to the same pages

1) http://London
2) http://Manchester
3) http://Leeds

I can not seem to setup the CNAME working correct to point to the appropriate site. Every site seems to still point to the default page 80.

I beleive the setup should go DNS > IIS > AAM but need help on the first step.
1 Solution
IIS indentities?

website identification and multipule identities...

right click the website...
You need to extend those web applications. Extend them to port 80 and fill in the host header name.
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Ok here is where i have got.

DNS Created the CNAME with the following details

Alias name           London
FQDN                   http://server:1234

Right click site > Properties > Web Site > IP Address Advanced > Added host header value of London on port 1234

Should i now be able to see the site from http://london or have i missed some simple steps??

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http://london refers to the london server on port 80 not port 1234

if you did http://london:1234 then it would work

are these three servers all on the same server?
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Yes they are all running on the same server.

Can i point it to the correct port?

I had it working once.....
1. Open IIS
2. right click on London
3. go into properties
4. click advanced next to IP address
5. click add
ip adress = all unassigned, tcp port = 80, host header value = http://london

you may want to use the FQDN in the host header, or put in two entries there...

repeat steps 2 to 5 for Manchester and Leeds
Greg BurnsSQL / SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Best practices:

1. Don't edit sites via IIS.  Configure them from SharePoint.
2. Don't use CNAMEs.  "A" records work better.

A CNAME record is not going to route to your ports.

I concur with MsShadow.  I'd extend the sites and have them each share Port 80 using host headers.
ncomperAuthor Commented:
As you can see DNS and IIS are not used daily by me. Could you please provide a little more detail with the A records and host header setup?


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