DataWindow.ReselectRow() causes crash with error message of pbdwe115.dll


I'm currently experiencing some problem on one of my application.  It keep crashing when it tried to execute: reselectrow(x) where x is long (see the attached sample of code).  In the error window (see attached), it complains about pbdwe115.dll.  

Efforts tried and failed:
1.  Check the existence of pbdwe115.dll in deployed folder.  DLL exists.
2.  I've deployed every DLLs that PowerBuilder has in deployed folder to eliminate the possibilities of missing DLLs, and problem still exists.

The application is accessing Oracle 10g, it does not run any .NET applications, and it is a Windows application (and not a Web application).

I'm just wondering if anyone can advise me the workaround from using reselectrow method, probably it might solve the problem.

Thanks for your help
long l_row, &
     i = 1, &
	  j, &
do while l_row > 0 
	if dw_result.reselectrow(l_row) = -1 then 		
		l_row = dw_result.getselectedrow (l_row)
	end if

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jjozConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for the suggestion.  

I've tried it and it fails even when I use reselectrow(1).  According to Sybooks, reselectrow should return -1 if it unable to refresh single row.  It doesn't even return me anything ..... it just crashed before able to return me with any return value.


diasroshanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

will dw_result.Retrieve() help instead of doing a reselectrow in a loop

If u can mention what ur trying to achieve in the above code,cud help in providing a work around.

jjozAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response.  What the code tried to achieve is that it want to refresh the grid everytime user clicked any individual row to see further details.

This morning, I've did the walkaround by including direct embedded SQL call.  it did the trick well.

Until now, I couldn''t reconcile on why reselectrow causes pdwe115.dll error.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

sandeep_patelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for testing can you write reselectrow out of loop for any single row and see if that works?

e.g. reselectrow(4)

I am guessing something wrong in a loop.

sandeep_patelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Couldn't find if something related to that reported anywhere. The only option I think is check the latest build of 11.5 available on

create another sample datawindow with one or two column from other table and see if problem still exist. Not sure if any column datatype or record is creating a problem

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