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dhcp helper command

Hi there,
I've a single cisco router with 2 interfaces:
interface vlan 1:
interface vlan 2:

I've an IP phone sitting in vlan 2 subnet and it needs to get an I.P from DHCP server which is sitting in vlan 1 subnet. Now I do know that ip helper-address is required for phone to get I.P from another subnet; but just making sure which interface and which I.P do i specify in ip helpder-address command?

From my understanding, I think it should be on vlan 2 interface
Interface vlan 2
 ip helper-address ??? (I.P of vlan 1 interface) or
 ip helper-address (I.P of DHCP server itself) ???
1 Solution
The ip helper-address command goes on the interface closest to the DHCP client - vlan 2
The IP address is the IP of the DHCP server itself.

Interface vlan 2
 ip helper-address 10.152.0.xxx  <dhcp server ip>

nabeel92Author Commented:
yeah, thats what i thought so !
thanks ....

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