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Siebel letters generated in bulk and attached to the account

I am a business analsyt and I have just been assigned to the implementation of a Siebel 8 system on Oracle. (No previous Siebel experience)

We are trying to find a way to send letters out to accounts. They need to:
1. Include fields from Siebel and standard text (I.e. like a mail merge)
2. be sent based on specific criteria (some of the criteria includes customised fields),
3. Generated in bulk (there are too many to be created individually)
4. Attached to the account record (so we have a record of the correspondence sent to the account).

We have been informed by the consulting company that is providing the implementation that this is not technically feasible using Siebel/Oracle.

We have been told that
A. Correspondence templates will provide us with the bulk generation but will not provide us with the customised criteria and will not automatically attach the letter to the account record.
B. Proposals will allow us to attach the record to the account record, but will not allow us to generate the letters in bulk.

They have suggested using Microsoft Word to do a mail merge in bulk or to use proposals to create the letter individually.

Does anyone know of a way to meet all four of our requirements using Siebel?

Thank you heaps,
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1 Solution
All this needs can be solved using some script on the Correspondence feature.
This is technically feasible...I did it on SIA 7.7 for a large french retail company.

What I think are good starting point to evaluate your specifications:
-Build a script to generate the Correspondence rows using any specific criteria
-Automatically pool for Correspondence to be generated and call the browser script BusinessService function that calls the Word merge embedded in the eDocument component
-Activities will be generated by the standard Correspondence "Generate" function
-Activities may be later modified to account for specific parameters (Attaching to Account?)

(From BearingPoint France, Business System Integration team)
NikkiGuAuthor Commented:
Hi BigSchmuh,

Thank you for your response. This is very encouraging. Can I check a few more things with you.

A. Can the criteria come from other tabs within Siebel? For example a lot of our criteria is on a tab caled "Reviews" and a tab called "Actions" which I believe are customised. (a lot of the fields for the letters also come from these tabs).
B. You have said that "Activities" will be generated. Is this a letter? or an Alert. We need a letter.
C. The have also told us that Correspondence can only contain simple letters and some of our letters are too complex and will need to be proposals. Is this true?
D. Since all the letters have a clear trigger (I.e. state change or field entry or date passing) is it possible to automatically trigger correspondence? (if not it's not a problem as this is a desirable requirement as opposed to an essential requirement).
E. I will be passing on this information to the consulting company. Will I need extra information or should they be able to investigate it using the response you made?

Thanks heaps,
A. Using Scripts allows almost anything...at the cost of development and maintenance !
B. What you need are some SIEBEL experts locally to support your project
C. Correspondence is the Word Merge function, if you can use it for your "complex" needs then it's possible using the eDocument (Correspondence) component
D. Workflows are good at triggering things
E. Enrole some consultants to challenge them...or pay with eyes closed
NikkiGuAuthor Commented:
Thanks Big Schmuh
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