setting the base URL in Drupal

I have a website, called I installed drupal in a folder called drupal-6.12, so the entire path to it is
I want the users to go to the main page but of course see the drupal installation but I can't get it to work. I have tried setting the $base_url and the htaccess file RewriteBase / but it doesn't work, it can't find the installation.
I have tried
$base_url =
RewriteBase /drupal-6.12
and other combinations of this.
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DJmusicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm glad it worked! I'd be glad to help if you have any other problem.
Drupal's fun!! :)

I have few additional questions:
* I guess that you've set up a database and that the connection occurs, right?
* do you know if your host supports Drupal?
* have you tried renaming your Drupal folder to "drupal"?


nanharbisonAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have set up the database
My host supports Drupal
I have not tried renaming the folder. My experience with renaming folders after unzipping them has been very bad., I have had all of the links get wrecked. But do you think that is the answer here?
I guess you made it work by dropping Drupal in the root. I was looking at a possible solution (for reference, which might work even if this was under Drupal 4) but then, I saw that your site is running. Have you found a solution?

nanharbisonAuthor Commented:
My site URL has not been handed out to users yet, so I have continued to play around with it.  I haven't used Drupal for a few years, but I KNOW we used to be able to have the drupal files in a folder but make it look like it was in the root directory!!! Maybe the developers have dropped that requirement.

Meanwhile, someone told me that the Drupal database is designed to be very portable, so I just tried deleting all the files and re-uploading the drupal files in the root directory. This has worked!

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