CA Arcserve backup r12 backup fails with error code E3712 and E3719

i have installed a brand new IBM 3650 server with a single  ibm dds5 sata tape drive attached . i the server is installed with windows 2003 r2 and CA Arcserve backup r12 sp1. whne i try to run any backup it fails with an error code E3712"unable to close session" E3719 unable to write media media name and EC=Hardware Error" . I  tested the backup with ntbackup its working fine with same tape drive and media. any body know the solution please help.
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cibieldhoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Finally after so many debate with CA Technical support i got the solution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .The issue  was the SATA DDS 4  and CA software some write block mis match . They have to provide the solution bec the drive is listing on therir CDL . They send me some DLLS to replace and given some instructions to change the registry entries as decribed below.
·         Stop Tape engine and Job engine

·         Replace the test dlls, the default path is C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve Backup
·         Rename tape.log
·         Start Tape engine and Job Engine.
Step2: Configuration
·         Find the special tape device. The customer device name is “board-0,bus-0,scsiid-0,lun-0,type-5,IBM     DDS Gen5        C0A0”
·         Set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\Base\TapeEngine\DEVICE[%d]\ReadShots to 2
·         Set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\Base\TapeEngine\DEVICE[%d]\WriteShots to 2
·         Set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\Base\TapeEngine\DEVICE[%d]\ DefaultBlockFactor to 6
·         Set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA ARCServe Backup\Base\TapeEngine\DEVICE[%d]\ SpecialTransBuf to 1
Notes: DEVICE[%d], please check your tape device number.
·         Restart tape engine.
·         After restart tape engine service, please confirm all parameters in the register.

·         Back up some windows files or dbs(such as exchange, sql server and so on), and restore them.
·         Back up some windows files or dbs via disk staging, and restore them.
·         Back up files via multi-stream, and restore them.
·         Merge these backup sessions.
·         Tape copy
·         Doesn’t support encrypted and compressed

·         Doesn’t support multiplexing

After ran a backup job, please confirm Block Size of the Tape is 32768
have you crated a  FSD (file system device) on this SATA drive from arcserve?

does this error occur as soon as the job starts, or after writing some data?
is your drive formatted with NTFS for FAT32?
sorry, i misread... you have a DDS5 SATA tape drive.

is this tape drive certified for use with ARCserve?
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can you disable the windows drivers for this tape drive from the windows device manager.
then restart arcserve tape engine
now try a backup.

Greetings Cibieldho,

Things to make clear.. NTBackup and ARCserve does not work the same way and it does not mean that if NTBackup works, ARCserve needs to work with the same setup... You have to check with the following parameters, when dealing hardware issues with ARCserve

1) Make sure  that the Removable Storage Service is stopped and set to Disabled mode.

2) Check for the driver version of the SCSI/HBA card drivers which connects the device with the server. If the drivers are based on Sorport, Stormini port then make sure that the default Microsoft drivers are loaded for the Medium Changer. When you expand the Medium changer on the windows device manager it should say Unknown Medium Changer.

Also make sure that the storport.sys on the server is updated to the latest build.

3) If a SCSIport/SCSI Miniport drivers are used, then you can disable the device from the Medium changer and the tape drive from the device manager, and still ARCserve would be able to communicate to the devices as it uses standard SCSI commands.

4) Make sure that there are no programs/services which access the tape library when its being used for  backups.

cibieldhoAuthor Commented:
Hi ,

Thanks for your reply  the backup fails with the decribed error after 25 yo 30 mb of data processed to the tape drive  ,the drive is listed in the CDL , the drive is already disabled in the windows device manager , removable storage driver is not started still i disabled it , and tested no hope i spoke to CA technical support person and as per his instuction i have applied the service pack2 of Arcserve backup 12 still the problem remains same  plese help.
I too am having the exact same issue.
S00007359Cloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
Check in your windows Device Manager if this device is listed corectly?, also log a support call with ca!
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