Draw shape on Canvas in Delphi

Dear all.
I've learned how use Canvas Object for creating basical shape like circle, square, arc and so on.
I am interested in creating 2D shape for drawing house project like this one:


So I need to create simple Shape for "desk with chairs", chair, stairs, "L" and "U"walls ....

I could play with the canvas functions and do it by myself by the way i was thinking if
such library or procedure are already bee created by someone else in internet
so I would speed up with my project.

Thx a lot.

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MamouriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are plenty of commercial Vector Component for Delphi: www.lts-tools.com/cadodraw.htm , ImageEn(imageen.com), Flex-Graphics.com, SimDesign.nl

And some freeware: SimpleGraph(http://www.delphiarea.com/products/delphi-components/simplegraph/),
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