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Hello all

i know this might be something simple but cant figure it out, i am using objUser.info to add information and it works perfect, however if anything is in that field it deletes it, anyone know anyway to append to it? below is a piece of the code
objUser.info = Incident     <--- pull data from a input box
      objUser.AccountDisabled = TRUE
      objUser.HideFromAddressBook = True
      SET objCont = GetObject("LDAP://" & strNewOUDN)
      objCont.MoveHere adoRec.Fields("ADsPath").Value, vbNullString
      Msgbox "Account disabled", vbInformation, "Confirmation"
      Msgbox "Did you Check Oracle?", vbInformation, "Confirmation"
      Msgbox "Did you Check Blackberry Account?", vbInformation, "Confirmation"

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HubasanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use:
objUser.info = sMydata & vbcrlf & Incident

vbcrlf is a VBS command that stands for VisualBasicCarriageReturnLineFeed. That should do the trick.

All you have to do is assign initial data to a variable and then append the variable with different value using "&" symbol:

sMydata = objUser.info ' this will read and place current state of objuser.info to sMydata variable.

Then you can do:

sMydata = sMydata & " adding this text to initial variable"

wscript.echo sMydata

EfrenMAuthor Commented:
sweet it works :)  below is the code i used, hey how can make it press enter so it looks like this
Test <---- was already in profile
12345 <-- input box value

it currently adds it to test12345

ill put in some more points =]

sMydata = objUser.info
sMydata = sMydata
objUser.info = sMydata & Incident <-- pulls from a input box at start

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EfrenMAuthor Commented:
sweet =], thnx a mill,
EfrenMAuthor Commented:
a bonus =]
Heheh...no problem. Thanks for the bonus points :-) and the grade.
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