Xbox 360 will not connect to WLAN

I have searched other questions for answers but no luck so figured id ask a question.

I cannot connect my Xbox 360 to my Wireless network. However, when i use a cable it connects to the network just fine. I have the stock USB WLAN adapter for the Xbox. Right now i use a 64 bit WEP encryption on my network and hidden SSID...But ive tried switching between all sorts of encryptions and settings and still nothing.. The network doesn't even show up when you search for it. The only thing i haven't tried is to have a completely open WLAN..but that is out of the question for obvious reasons...

I have looked at my router and checked for MAC filters (non enabled) and even tried to force the router to accept the Xbox by hard coding the MAC address in to the client list of the router.
Is my only option static IP's? I want to see my other options first, so i turn to you guys :)

Appreciate any help.
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Cameron_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Quick troubleshooting tips:

When you connect your WLAN adapter, can you detect any networks in range? Does a friend of yours have a wireless router to test to see if yours will detect/connect to? Basically, you are trying to determine on which end the problem is.

If you are able to connect your computer via wireless, and your XBOX detects NO wireless networks, it could be a faulty WLAN adapter. If your XBOX detects other networks, but not your own, it could be a compatibility issue with your router. Try updating your firmware.
apresthusAuthor Commented:
Yes, the XBOX can see other wireless networks..just not mine. I had it connected to another network (unsecure) in the past, and that worked just fine. That was a different router and all though.. The firmware on my router is from mid 08.. so i will see if there is any firmware available for it.
DuaneMizellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the past I've had issues with hiding the SSID on wireless networks. Try showing your SSID (But leave the encryption as you would normally) to see if the 360 can see your router. If so, try connecting to it that way, save the connection, and then hide the SSID on your router again.
Let me know if this works.
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The firmware update is a good move - but there are a number of routers that simply won't work wirelessly with the XBox WiFi adapter.
apresthusAuthor Commented:
I have tried to both hide and show the SSID with no results.. All of my comuputers have no problem whatsoever connecting to the network or finding it for that matter. Ill upgrade the firmware now so hopefully that will work if not i guess i have to use that nasty ethernet cable after all :)
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Which router are you trying to connect to?
apresthusAuthor Commented:
The ZyXel P-2602HWT-F3... its a combi adsl modem and router.. I did some digging around and it seems that this model has a special firmware because it is a Telenor modem/router (a Norwegian ISP) and that there are no official firmware updates for it (!) I will try to tinker around with some settings according to the tips i have gotten.. if it leads nowhere ill give out the points for the help and go pick up a router that actually works and just bridge the current one to only act as a modem :)
apresthusAuthor Commented:
Seems i won't be getting anywhere with this piece of junk. So putting the Xbox on cable until i get a decent router. Thanks for all your help guys!
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