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I've tried to google around for an answer, but no luck yet, so I hope i'm more lucky here...

I've installed PRTG Network Monitoring on a little PC, which monitores network equipment and servers.
I want to be able to send SMS alerts with PRTG. If the Internet Connection breaks down, i'm not able to recieve alerts by mail. (No wonder why?! :))

If I buy a GSM Modem (something like Siemens M35i), is there some kind of program i can install on my PC, and then configure a custom URL in PRTG to send the notifications?
Or do I have to develop something on my own? If so, you are welcome to give me a few tips :)

Best regards,
Frank Andersen
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AdraenyseConnect With a Mentor Commented:

First, I would highly recommend that you speak with the technical support at PRTG. We are a 500 node licence user of PRTG ourselves, and we have had some amazing experiences with the support crew at Paessler when it comes to custom setups. Even the CEO of the company responds to help tickets.

I would imagine they have had similar scenarios raised in the past and may be able to suggest something for you. You can't possibly be the only user in this situation.

Also, there are technical forums located at

Now, my own personal opinion.

Depending on the size and critical nature of your setup, if I was placed in this situation where I did not have a multi-homed network to rely on, I would:

- Procure the cheapest residential level DSL, cable, wireless or even dial-up connection I could find

- Add a second network card or modem to the PRTG PC

- Setup an E-mail alert in PRTG that will be sent to the email address of your cell phone, or an email you normally monitor (You did say SMS, but E-mail works better for this situation)

- Program Windows network load balancing or routing table to ignore the 2nd network unless the primary is unreachable, or specifically to the SMTP server being used to send you the alerts.

If you can tie this using dial-up to a line in the office that is part of an outgoing pool, then it would only be used on demand and your only cost would be a very small dial-up account. DSL "lite" should also be readily available in most urban centers for less than $20 a month.
AdraenyseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One last thought - if you had a connection such as DSL "lite", this would also allow you to login to PRTG from outside during a failure and ascertain which devices are not responding. Could be useful, and would allow you access into the rest of the network as well, depending how you configure the firewall. Be warned though, that you will need to firewall the connection properly as not to provide a backdoor for anyone else into your network.
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