Not able to get the parameter windows displayed in TOAD 9.0(Quest software prod) for Oracle

Hello Everyone,

I am using TOAD @ my office and the database we have is ORACLE 10g.
I am recently not able to get the parameter window displayed.

For Eg: select * from emp
             deptno = :p_deptno
In this case a paramter window opens and asks for a value of "p_deptno".(so, this window is not showing up)

I was getting this earlier, but recently from a week or so, I am not able to get it displayed and, when I try to run it, it just displays every column as a null. (As if the table does'nt have any data, even though it has data).

Can you please help me out  in this matter. This Issue looks weird but it is making my life tougher as I deal with heavy coding.


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jwahlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure that the option "Prompt For Substitution Variables" is checked (right click in editor window).
vishal_singhAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution
Thank you, experts
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