Deliver Messages to both Forwarding Address and Mailbox problem


I have setup a user with the "Deliver Messages to both Forwarding Address and Mailbox" however user only recieve email to his fowarding address only, he does not recieve copy of that email in his orgional mailbox. any idea?
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tech2010Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i mean one is the internal and other is where i am diverting to is external address. thanks
Is the checkbox that says "Leave Copy In Mailbox" checked? If not, that'll do it!
As I was, pays to read - you mentioned that you have that set. Are both accounts Exchange Mailboxes or is one internal and one external?
tech2010Author Commented:
There is no suc checkbox "Leave copy in Mailbox" where this should be? All i can see is the only checkbox "Deliver Messages to both Forwarding Address and Mailbox" which is ticked.

Yes one is internet where i am setting this divert on and the address i am diverting to is external.
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