Windows Scripting

I hope this is an accepted question here.. I'm not sure where else to go for honest answers.

Can anyone tell or direct me to good resources for teaching basic level scripting?  I'm looking specifically for WSH or even VB maybe as far as creating login scripts, automating user account creation, etc.  Like normal administration stuff.

I'd rather ask here than sift through the 400k Google results. ;p
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Ben HartAsked:
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RobSampsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And really, learning is by doing, so there's some good sites that provide a lot of good scripts:

The Microsoft Scripting Guys have started doing most of their stuff in PowerShell these days, but the archives have a lot of VBScript code.

There's also a few other links in the menu of the left there at activexperts

But basically, have somewhat of an idea on what you want to achieve, then look around for scripts that do similar things, and learn from those.  I've learnt a LOT of stuff in my time here at EE.

The Active Directory Cookbook is brilliant, as is the Windows Admin Scriping Little Black Book.


Cameron_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best money I ever spent was picking up the Microsoft Windows 2000 Scripting Guide. They may have an updated revision for 2008 Powershell and whatnot, but for good automation stuff for Server 2003, it can't be beat. I would highly recommend picking up a used copy at your retailer of choice - I picked mine up at Amazon for about $20 at the time.

I also picked up the Active Directory Cookbook (O'Reilly) which is nice as well.

Here is the MSSG Website:
Ben HartAuthor Commented:
I've looked at that one a bit, Amazon didnt have very many customer ratings at the time though so I was'nt sure.

but you mention powershell which brings up another question.. What is Powershell exactly?  Did it replace WSH or am I way off base?
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Cameron_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Powershell is Microsoft's move to bring back powerful console-based scripting. Much like the shell commands within the Unix world. You will see it a LOT in Exchange 2007, and somewhat in Server 2008 / Vista. It really hasn't replaced ADSI (Active Directory Scripting Interface) or WSH/WMI/VBS entirely, but it is the up-and-coming scripting language for MS servers.

The Active Directory Cookbook covers material in Powershell for Exchange 2007/Server 2008, so it is a good choice for that alone. If you are running a Server 2003/XP systems though, I really do suggest the MSSG as it covers WMI/WSH/VBS/ADSI and gives very practical cut-and-paste / modify to your scenario code examples and doesn't hurt your brain trying to understand it. It is one of the few MS books I suggest.
Ben HartAuthor Commented:
you are correct in learning by doing.  thanks so much for the information!!

Thats why I come here.. experts all around you!
Thanks for the grade. Good luck!

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I prefer and recommend people start at 
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