Populate listbox from query using vba

I have a form with a listbox (not visible). I would like to use a cmd button to make the listbox visible, then populate the list box with the results from a query.
The listbox name is lstJobSearch and the query is qryFindCompayJobsSearch.
The query asks for the Company perameters for the search.
Can u give me some guidlines on vba code. I am ok with the visible etc., but I don't know how to populate the listbox on demand, using the query (or similar method)
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jakemdrewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, it is the rowsource property.

lstJobSearch.rowsource = qryFindCompayJobsSearch
lstJobSearch. recordsource = qryFindCompayJobsSearch
If you need to refresh the contents of the listbox:

jwjjwjAuthor Commented:
Thanks jakemdrew, worked like a dream. Had to put " around the query name.
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