configuration for cisco router to use VPN ?

I have only one problem; still I cannot use My VPN

I connect My PC to Router R1  throw interface F0/1
Then I ping all this IP                OK (Replay)       OK (Replay)       NO (Request Time out)      NO (Request Time out)      NO (Request Time out)            NO (Request Time out)

But if I connect the PC to the console I can ping                OK (Replay)       OK (Replay)       OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)            NO (Request Time out)

all my router model is 2801
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equarandoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, but that has nothing to do with not being able to connect with a VPN
I didnt see any VPN configuration on either of the Routers.

I am going to list the steps to set one up. just repeat the process on the other router, just switching IP's

1.) R1(config)# crypto isakmp enable

2.) R1(config)# crypto isakmp policy 10
R1(config-isakmp)# authentication pre-share
R1(config-isakmp)# encryption aes 256
R1(config-isakmp)# hash sha
R1(config-isakmp)# group 5
R1(config-isakmp)# lifetime 3600

3.) R1(config)# crypto isakmp key PASSWORD address (IP of other router)

4.) R1(config)# crypto ipsec transform-set 50 esp-aes 256 esp-sha-hmac ah-sha-hmac

5.) R1(config)# access-list 101 permit ip (LOCAL LAN) (REMOTE LAN)

6.) R1(config)# crypto map NAME 10 ipsec-isakmp

7.) R1(config-crypto-map)# match address 101

8.) R1(config-crypto-map)# set peer (IP OF R2)
R1(config-crypto-map)# set pfs group5
R1(config-crypto-map)# set transform-set 50

9.)on the outside interface apply the crypto map
   R1(config-if)# crypto map NAME
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
Dear equarando
" crypto " not in my router command ? Im using 2800 cisco router
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You prolly are not running a version of the IOS that supports IPSEC VPN's
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
Dear equarando

I add this Lines in R1

R1(config)#router bgp 65360
Then I connect My PC to Router R1  throw interface F0/1
Then I ping all this IP              OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)              NO (Request Time out)

AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
now I add another line

R1(config)#router bgp 65360
R1(config-router)#red con

and the result is

Then I connect My PC to Router R1  throw interface F0/1
Then I ping all this IP              OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)      OK (Replay)              OK (Replay)

Mr. equarando
I will give you the point not for sol but for helping to me

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