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Appending form value to coldFusion.navigate function

Hi All,
Could do with some help, I need to post a form value either via the URL as I attempted or some how make it available on the next page upon clicking on the link. If anyone can help

Thanks in advance

<a href="viewcart" onClick="javaScript:ColdFusion.navigate('checkout.cfm?vDate=document.vDate.selectdate.value','productlistDiv');return false;" title="Checkout Cart"><img src="img/butCheckoutCart.jpg" alt="Checkout Cart" border="0" /></a

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1 Solution
1) no need to specify 'javascript:' in onclick event - it expects a js function by default, and ColdFusion.navigate IS a js function.
2) you should put a valid link or named anchor in the HREF attribute of your link instead of your 'viewcart', which is neither.
3) to add js to a parameter of ColdFusion.navigate finction, you need to put it OUTSIDE the quotation marks:

so, your link should look like this:

<a href="#viewcart" onClick="ColdFusion.navigate('checkout.cfm?vDate='+document.vDate.selectdate.value,'productlistDiv');return false;" title="Checkout Cart"><img src="img/butCheckoutCart.jpg" alt="Checkout Cart" border="0" /></a>

pigmentartsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Azadi works like a charm.


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