How to disable the borders of buttons in visual foxpro


I need to create buttons in visual foxpro that look flat and without borders.

Any HInt?
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cthulthuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I forgot to mention that each image should be slightly different.  The picture in the "down" image should be slightly offset and have shading.  The "enter" image should be highlighted somewhat to provide feedback that the mouse has moved onto it.
I don't think you can flatten a button, but you can use a set of images to simulate buttons on your forms.

Image1:  Set its Picture property as your standard control visible on the form
this.image1.picture = d:\pics\button_normal.bmp
this.image1.stretch = 1
size it appropriately

Then you can create methods for various "button-like" actions for it:

this.Picture = 'd:\pics\button_over.bmp'

this.Picture = 'd:\pics\button_down.bmp'

this.Picture = 'd:\pics\button_normal.bmp'

Finally, put your button action code in the click event just like any other button.
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