Losing Archived Email (Outlook 2007)

Mail in Archive folder appears to be there but when some messages are opened they are blank.  The body of the documents and/or attachments are gone.  This is an Exchange 2007 SP1 environment.  The client in question is running Outlook 2007.
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mwevans61Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I'm starting to see the cause of the problem.  The original archive file is full (approx. 1.8 GB) and even though I have outlook set to move archived email to the new archive file created (Archive 2009) it's not doing so.  I find out earlier the reason it's not doing so is because an app is installed on her pc that moves her archived email to a defined destination (in this case her original archive file), therefore overwriting the setting I configured in outlook.  The guy who set it up won't be back until tomorrow so in the meantime I'm moving some of her archived mail into her live mail file.  Currently the live mail file is about 100 MB with a 2 GB limit.  I'm doing this to make sure nothing else that get's written to her archive gets ripped of its content due to size limitations.  When the guy comes back to work we'll either remove the program or tell it to point to Archive 2009.   Thank you for your help.  It is appreciated.
Is this happening for all users or only specific user/s?
Is this happening for emails in the inbox or only email that is present in the archive folder?
Move an email from the archive folder to the Inbox folder and check what happens
Whats the AV that you are running on the client machine?
I have seen a similar issue with Outlook Autoprotect in Symantec Endpoint AV
Disable the AV and test... better yet just for testing purposes uninstall the AV and check what happens
mwevans61Author Commented:
One specific user
Only mail in the archive.
Symantec Antivirus 9.0
mwevans61Author Commented:
I sent her a test message with text in the body and an attachment.  After I moved it to her archive the content was still intact.  This doesn't happen to every message in archive, but it does happen to quite a few of them.
Whats something common that you can find about these "problematic" messages?
I would still uninstall the AV and check what happens for the problematic messages in the archive folder
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