Query Email addresses in AD

I have been given a list of email address in an excel sheet. The sheet includes first, last name and email address.

Part One: Can someone help me to query AD? I want to use the excel sheet to query and see which if any of these email addresses already exist in AD.

Part Two: Can I import an excel sheet of email addresses into an AD DL?
How can this be done?
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preshomesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Open the Acive Directory Users and Computers Management Console
"Right Click on the domain > Select Find
"Select Custom Search in the Find field
"Select the Advanced tab

Type this

After it finds the results  - Select View > Choose Columns and Select Email Address
What email system are you using?  If using Exchange 2007 you can use the Exchange Mgmt Shell to query the users with email addresses.  I use this command to get a list of users, mailbox size, and last login time.  This will also export this list to a .csv file on the root of C.

get-mailbox | get-mailboxstatistics | select-object DisplayName,TotalItemSize,StorageLimitStatus,LastLogonTime | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation c:\LogonStats.csv
Y2KBDSAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I am using Exchange 2003.
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Also...take a look at the site below.  It contains a vb script that does the same thing. I just ran it on my system and it returned great results.

When you go to the site mentioned above be sure to notice that it saves a file in the root of C:

This file will list all of your email addresses.

Hope this helps
Y2KBDSAuthor Commented:
I did the first option and then ran a compare in excel.
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