Database Logon - The report you requested requires further information.

I am trying to run a report with CR Server XI that pulls from an Access Database on another machine.

I have setup other reports that pull from other (non-Access) databases with no problem.

But with the Acces DB, I get a prompt:

"The report you requested requires further information."

Database Logon

Server Name G:\HED2000\HDS_DTA.MDB
Database Name G:\HED2000\HDS_DTA.MDB
User ID  

* Notes *

*There is no password on the database.

*The report runs fine manually from Crystal Reports 10

*The report runs fine if I copy the Database to the local machine CR Server is on.

*If I switch the option from " Prompt the user for database logon" to  "Use same database logon as when report is run", I get the error "The database logon information for this report is either incomplete or incorrect."
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Jim P.Commented:
What is the Log On As column of the Crystal Server service say? If LocalSystem right click --> Properties and change it to a different domain login id.
Try using
User - ADMIN
No password

How are you running the report

CenStatesAuthor Commented:
Thank you, for your help.

I have tried ADMIN with no password.  I have also tried adding a password to the database.  This must be something real simple, but it has me stumped.

Also note, that if I move the database to the CR Server machine, the report runs.  It also runs with just crystal reports professional on both the server machine and other workstations.
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Jim P.Commented:
The issue is the "G:\HED2000\" -- do you have a G: on the local machine?
Is it a mapped drive?

Try changing the G:\HED2000\HDS_DTA.MDB to \\MySerrverName\MyShare\HED2000\HDS_DTA.MDB in all locations.
CenStatesAuthor Commented:
no luck

G:\is a mapped drive.  I also tried using the UNC path \\maerchandsining\all\hed2000\hds_dta.mdb
Then I tried creating an ODBC connection. Connections all work, but when report is run, the same error.

Why does it run from Crystal standalone, but not from server?
When you changed to the UNC did you use the SET DATABASE LOCATION in the report?  The report maintains the original connection and will try to use it.

CenStatesAuthor Commented:
Yes, I changed the data source in the report.

The database logon information for this report is either incomplete or incorrect.

All non Access reports run fine on the CR Server over the network.
Jim P.Commented:
>> The database logon information for this report is either incomplete or incorrect.

That was after you changed the id on the Crystal Reports Server service and restarted?

The reason that I ask, if you are using the Local System (LS) for the service, the LS id essentially can't see much outside of the box that it is running on. Even if you are logged in as a Domain Admin -- the LS and are restricted. It also doesn't see mapped drives.  So when CR Service is running it can't find the G: drive because that is tied to the user who is logged in. If it is LS then when it says to \\maerchandsining -- "Hey I'm \\ThisMachine\LSid"; \\maerchandsining says "who the heck is that and I'm not going to give you data."

We run into it all the time with various services.
CenStatesAuthor Commented:
Changed logon for all CR services from "Local System" to "Administrator"  


Thank for all the help!
Jim P.Commented:
Glad to be of assistance. May all your days get brighter and brighter.
How you changed logon for all CR services from "Local System" to "Administrator"

in my case, i am making a crystal report with excel as import resource ... but still ask me that stupid login, any suggestion?

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