Howto add first 2008 DC to 2003 Forest

I have a 2003 domain (1 domain for the forest) with 3 DCs
I've installed a 2008 server and added it to the domain as member server
before I promote it to DC I want to make sure I have the correct steps:
1. adprep /forestprep -> run on the Schema master DC
2. adprep /domainprep /gpprep -> run on any DC
3. dcpromo on 2008 server
when it's done, anything special to check other then the fact that it is showing under Domain Controllers?

now this is where I'm not sure - the adprep.exe file...
should I use the file on the 2008 DVD?
 is it different from the one on 2003?
can I just copy adprep.exe to the local disk and run it (any other requirements to run it?)

any additional tips?
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have it down, yes use adprep from the 2008 server.
When you are done you can also check  the DCPromo.log  (located in %SystemRoot%\Debug)
Make sure sysvol is shared out ok
Make the new DC a global catalog too (will be checked by default during the 2008 dcpromo)
How is your DNS setup?
chukuAuthor Commented:
well, my DCs split between 2 sites so I have 1 DNS per site
the Schema master is also a DNS in my main location and since the goal is removing it off the network (due to severe hardware problems) the 2008 Dc will take it's place as Schema master and DNS server once I'm convinced that the 2008 DC is working
Mike KlineCommented:
Ok, that is what I was going to suggest...if you were running Microsoft DNS to also make the 2008 box a DNS server too.  
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chukuAuthor Commented:
anything special in making it Schema master?
should i wait X tim before making this change?
Mike KlineCommented:
No just make sure AD replication is finished.  How come you only want to transfer one FSMO role to it?
chukuAuthor Commented:
in my main location I have 2 DCs:
DC2 is Schema master
DC1 is all other roles
since DC2 has tons of problems I want to get it out of the system ASAP and move it's role to the new DC (which I expect to last longer then any other currently installed server)
Mike KlineCommented:
ok, that sounds good  you may want to put the domain naming master on it too
FSMO placement and optimization on Active Directory domain controllers
...not a huge deal though.
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