How do I allow remote non-admin users (using XP) the ability to view Event Logs on Server 2008

We have the need for our developers to connect to a server using their event viewer msc and read the event logs. However, they cannot be local admins on this server. The developers are using Windows XP sp3.
The server is Microsoft Server 2008 Standard SP1

I've searched and found an old trick in Server 2003 to add a CustomSD key to a specific place in the registry with a string with the following value:
O:BAG:SYD:(D;;0xf0007;;;AN)(D;;0xf0007;;;BG) (A;;0xf0007;;;SY)(A;;0x7;;;BA)(A;;0x5;;;SO)(A;;0x1;;;IU)(A;;0x1;;;SU) (A;;0x1;;;S-1-5-3)(A;;0x2;;;LS)(A;;0x2;;;NS)

However, this still hasn't worked.
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Donald StewartConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Server 2008 has a Built-in Group of "Event Log Readers" 
Donald StewartNetwork AdministratorCommented:
May be better explained here? 
So does this work in server 2008? My efforts tell me it doesn't.
If you can find another solution on the web that includes server 2008 I'd like to see it Dstewartjr
I think we have it working now, it could be the Dev's XP box...will confirm tomorrow.
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