CableCard / Tivo / TV Tuner question

Ok so i am going through a fiasco with charter, my cable tv provider. I have two questions to ask in this post.

1) Is it possible to get the premium channels (like HBO and Cinemax) and the HD channels in a vista ultimate HTPC? I have a cable card, and would love to eliminate the Tivo and use windows media center. But, is it possible to send my HTPC the signal with my settop box/cablecard/anything else?

2) I currently have a Tivo HD and charter cable, they have come many times trying to fix the issues but they are unable. I am getting an error 161-52 on my Tivo, and everynow and then, after a couple of minutes the signal from the cable card goes out for a few seconds and then comes right back. This is incredibly annoying as you can imagine and the technicians have not been able to fix it after a week. Has anyone got an ideas what the issue is? The firmware is updated to its latest in the tivo, and the tivo support says that the tivo is working fine.

Thanks for everyones help, please let me know if i need to provide additional details.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, anything coming over premium channels is encrypted and requires the cable box to decrypt. The cable box will output HDMI, DVI or component video, and there's only one product that I have heard of that might capture HDMI at a reasonable price - the BlackMagic Design Intensity ,, and I haven't tried it. There's also the issue of HDCP preventing any noncompliant display from showing HD content, and I think this card is compliant:

As for the Charter cable/Tivo problem, I think it's a defective Tivo:;jsessionid=1F7D9E5908FBC09947B57652938E9D07?postID=10363136&ie=x#e10363136.
WillThomasonAuthor Commented:
After much pain with tivo/charter they have decided that the Tivo is indeed broke, but we are waiting on a possible solution of using 2 single stream cards which are on order. Thanks for your comment callandor.

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