Combining QuickBooks Companies

I have been asked to figure out a way to combine two seperate Quickbooks companies and have never done it. Does anybody know of any software that can handle this or is the functionality built into Qbooks?
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stlinaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The functionallity is not built into QB. Can it be done, yes. Are there LOTS of things to consider first, you bet. As far as programs that will combine files, I'd take a look at Look for tools by Karl Irvin. I actually use them in my business, and while its not the only thing available, they do what they say they will. You may also want to look at QB's user forums classifieds for services that can help you.

Before combing the files, you will need to look at all the lists. Making sure whatever you have in one file is in the other. Don't forget about things memorized reports and transactions as they won't transfer on their own.
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