How to simulate an Oracle RAC node down scenario to test Fast Connection failover ?

Other than normal shutting down  the instance on one of the node, can someone just methods to simulate the node down scenario with some simple commands on Linux ? No pulling out the plug is possible as the machines are located elsewhere.

I want to test the Oracle FCF by simulating a node outage situation. I want some easy methods to simulate the outage(not graceful outage) to prove the point.

Any pointers ?

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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If the server has multiple NICs, and the RAC interconnect uses a different NIC (and IP address) than you use to connect the Linux O/S, you could shut down the NIC that the interconnect uses.

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lsmkAuthor Commented:

Could you please tell the commands to shutdown the NIC of the interconnect ?
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
That is a Linux O/S command, not an Oracle command.  I know that it is possible, but I'm not a master of the Linux O/S commands.  If you have a Linux System Administrator, ask him or her for help with this.  If you are also the Linux administrator for this server, I know that you will have to connect as "root" to do this command, but you may have to ask a question in the Linux section of this site (or search for similar questions there) about how to shut down and restart an individual NIC in a Linux machine with multiple NICs.
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Please take a look at:

To stop / disable network interface use ifconfig command. It is  used to configure the kernel-resident network interfaces.
 You can pass up and down flags/option to this command.
 ==> up - This flag causes the interface to be activated. It is implicitly specified if an address is assigned to the interface.
 ==> down -   This  flag causes the driver for this interface to be shut down.
 So the following command will disable eth1: ifconfig eth1 down

And to get it back type the command: ifconfig eth1 up


lsmkAuthor Commented:
Thanks Markgeer and Tolomir. I want to use the following commands in RAC to simulate abnormal outage in different combinations.

1) The linux commands(ifconfig or ifdown)  to bring down the network interface
2) lsnrctl to stop the listener service of the node to be put down
3) svrctl with (-o abort -i <instance>) option to bring down the node
4) Of course, shutting down the server itself


1.) solved
2.) lsrnctl stop (as oracle user on the shell)
4.) shutdown -h now (as user root on the shell)   <-- don't try this remote ;-)

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