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I am upgrading from sql 2000 to sql 2005.  When trying to install the sql server studio management component I am getting the following error:

Product: SQL Server
ID: 50000
Source: setup.rll
Version: 10.0
Component: SQL Server Native Client
Message: A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file '%.*ls'.
An attempt was made to install (or update) SQL Server Native Client on a computer where SQL Server Native Client is already installed, and where the existing installation was from an MSI file that was not named sqlncli.msi.
User Action
To resolve this error, uninstall the existing version of SQL Server Native Client. To prevent this error, do not install SQL Server Native Client from an MSI file that is not named sqlncli.msi.
I have rebooted the server and uninstalled the sql server native client but keep receiving the error.  Is there a way to manually uninstall the sql server client.  I noticed even though I have successfully installed all the other sql 2005 components the sql 2000 client tools still exist.  Is there something I am missing during the upgrade process?  Please advise.
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v4seasonsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Had to run the sqlrun_tools.msi on cd2 before running the sql upgrade on cd1.  No where are you instructed to do so but that seems to be the resolution.
Raja Jegan RConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
Hope you try to install SQL Server 2005 from disk or from a network path.

Copy the contents of DVD into local machine and give it a try

Have you installed necessary prerequisites as mentioned by Microsoft like Dot Net framework 2.0, windows installer 3.1 and so on.

And try uninstalling SQL Server Native Client as mentioned in the link below:

v4seasonsAuthor Commented:
I followed those instructions and still received the same error.  Is there somewhere else I should be getting the sql native client besides on the install cd?  
QlemoConnect With a Mentor Batchelor and DeveloperCommented:
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