Install full SQL Server 2005 on SBS 2008 Standard

We have SBS 2008 Standard installed on a box.  I'd like to upgrade SQL to the full SQL Server 2005 Standard.  SBS has just been installed, so we don't have users connected yet.  We will only use SBS for the domain manager function, and not for Exchange or SP.  From what I have read, it may be possible.  I am ok with installing the management tools on another machine.  Questions:

1.  Can this be done with relative ease?
2.  Are there documented steps to do this?
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jimbob_sfConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It turns out that SBS 2008 is a complete waste of time.  Stay away from it.  We got rid of it.
conversation in below link may be useful to you.
jimbob_sfAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but it doesn't go into specifics and for me, any databases on SBS 2008 will not have issues running on SQL 2005 b/c SQL 2005 light is already installed.  This link talked about issues upgrading from SQL 2000 to 2005, which I won't have.
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Check here and scroll down to the line that says...

Installing SQL Server 2005
jimbob_sfAuthor Commented:
I read this when I was doing my initial research.  These instructions are for SBS 2008 Premium, not Standard.  The TN is vague, at best, at specifically stating whether Standard and Premium are identical on this issue.

If you've personally installed SQL 2005 Standard on SBS 2008 Standard using these instructions, that would be very helpful to know.
I installed it on a separate machine that is what I got out of it. I set up a new Server 2008 and set up SQL 2008 on that. SBS 2008 if very different but not a complete waist of time.

It took me some time and there are aspects of it I did ot care for but it is working very well at a client of mine.
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