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Cisco 2811 SDMdoes not fully launch

I have a cisco 2811 router as a test unit and wish to use the sdm because of an ap hwic. i can telnet, consol and use cisco config pro on the unit, but sdm does not completely load.
i type the ip of hte router in the ie, it pops up the launch page (pop up blocker disabled)  says within the launcher 'loading cisco sdm express. please wait' this info bar goes away but the sdm express window never changes to the configuration pages, it stays on the cisco picture.
not sure if it is my configuration, i have the minimal files on the router for the sdm, i have run out of room. so i installed the sdm on the computer itself (full install) and i get the same reaction from the sdm, it never seems to complete the load of the sdm.
1 Solution
I frequently have these types of issues with Java applications written for Java 5, trying to run on Java 6.  Do you know what version of JRE you have installed?

I would recommend trying from another machine that has an older version of Java installed - from memory we use 1.5.0 in such cases as the latest JRE6 doesn't work.
davidummelAuthor Commented:
so crazy!
thanks for your help
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