Need to find out how to Obtain Unix Server Information

Hi, I have been tasked with obtaining basic server informattion from a list of UNIX servers.

Unfortunately I am having to do this all remotely so I won't have the luxury of being onsite to ask the team these specific quesitons.

I have attached a doc of what I need to get specifically from each server. I"m not a UNIX expert but I do know my way around a bit. The basic info I need is like IP ADDRESS, C OMPILER, PROCESSER TYPE, PROCESSOR, HARD DRIVE SPACE, USED SPACE, UNIX SERVER MODEL, MAKE, ETC.

I'm sure for you Unix gurus out there getting ithis info is probably very easy. I just need to know what commands or where to go on the UNIX server remotely to get that info. I can connect to all the servers remotely so that is not a problem. thanks!
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I would use sam
It's usually installed by default.

Here is a page with a bunch of great commands to get you there.
matrix0511Author Commented:
Ok. But the only problem is, I am not allowed to login as admin or root. I have been giving a standard user ID.

Are there basic commands that I could use without having to login as root??
well, that leaves sam out.  I haven't tried, but have you tried any of the other command lines listed on the web page?  What flavor of Unix are you running?  if you look on the page I added with the task "list hardware configuration" do any of the commands work?  They are definitely making your task difficult by not letting you have even temporary administrative access!  
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matrix0511Author Commented:
they are on HPUX. Yeah. It realy hurts that I don't have admin access. I will try some of the other commands.Thanks.
Service packs and Compiler service packs apply to Windows 3.11 followup systems.
Rest can be extracted from SNMP using "enterprise management products"
matrix0511Author Commented:
gheist, could you please elaborate on that please? You said I could use SNMP tools? How do I obtain that?
SNMP agents must be running on host, supporting HOST MIB (most do)
Many tools exist. I d prefer NAGIOS, but anything will do.
matrix0511Author Commented:
Ok. That doesn't really  help me. I can't install those on the host. they would never let me do that.

Anyone else have some commands I can use??
Here's another document I found that is HP UX Specific:  Look at the section on nickel and mars.

It is easier for super user to run sam, ioscan, ifconfig command to get the hareware infor.
For normal user, tey can type in:
"uname -a"
to get OS version, hareware platform, hostname.
server model
"cat /etc/hosts"
IP of the host
"vgdisplay -v | more"
get the disksize infor
man vgdisplay to learn more details
"df -kl"
to get the disk usage
"getconf CPU_CHIP_TYPE"
to get the CPU type
also please have a look at http:Q_21902370.html and
You can also try the following script:
To get the C OMPILER version, type in:
also have a look at the answer in http:Q_21968838.html

You can put all the commands in a script and redirect the output to a file and check it out.


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