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Hello, I'm trying to switch my VoIP network over to Full duplex. Each time I call my ISP an direct them to switch it over the whole netwok goes down. I'm assuming my linksys WRT310N is not supporting full duplex. I can find no setting of it but I assumed it would automatically switch over. Does this router actually support full duplex? I called support and they said yes... Is there something else I could try? And when I say the network goes down I mean I cannot even ping my gateway, or I can ping it for 10 seconds then it drops off for 10 minutes!

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If your ISP forces full duplex, it will no longer negotiate duplex with your linksys. So unless you can force the Linksys to full duplex also, you will have a mismatch and the Linksys wil begin seeing a massive number of collisions. This could be enough to cause outages.

If the ISP is set to auto-negotiate and you are too, then if you unplug your link and plug it back in again, it should auto-negotiate to the fastest speed it supports.

What speed is your ISP link? Not all devices support 10mb/full duplex, and I'm not sure if any device will negotiate to 10mb/full duplex.

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thursdasyAuthor Commented:
Yes it seems to have something to do with the router not being able to perform at Full Duplex. I'm asking in another thread if there is a way to force that specific router to full duplex.

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