establishing "outgoing e-mail quota" during business hours iin exchange 2007

Greetings Experts,

Working with multi-site organization that suffers from network bottlenecks caused by  an employee sending weekly electronic newsletter (>15mb file) to 200 employess that is choking the network performance.  We are running Exchange 2007.  

related questions are as follows:
-Possibility in MS Exchange 2007 to set (for lack of a better description) "outgoing email quota" \ or limiting the size of an outgoing email message?  preferably in business hours..
-What would be an effective procedure to run a monthly report of outgoing mailbox usage?
-Is there a way to configure exchange 2007 to notify an admin (preferably via email) when an email message of >20mb is being sent out ?

I am open to any\all suggestions..

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ok, outgoing sending limits are a feature of exchange 2007, look in the send connector properties for the Maximum message size...

You can turn the server off for out of business hours, but that would be for all services and not really what an email servers purpose is.

I use this for my send reports per user:
get-messagetrackinglog -Sender " "<email address here>" -Server "<ExchangeServerName>" -EventID "SEND" -Start "2008-05-21 14:19" -End "2009-05-21 14:29"

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You can set time limit for mesages that is >15mb and set time window to send during off office hrs.
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